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This is trapped wire which is the want the software programs are using the capture all this data now a very suspect plane crash then happens again causing headlines all-in red on July 7th which is just right around that six-week period that my dream given me the six week period ended right around July 4th July 5th this a couple days off we get a hugeplane crash first time there's been a plane crash in many years in the US nobody actually died but the pilot reported seeing a flash a bright light in the cockpit and one of the people who was going to be on this flight was the chief operations officer for Face book so there's a political component to the deaths now it is possible that this was airplane sabotage in desperate effort to try to throw of the story get us thinking about something else besides this of surveillance scandal in to remind us hey we can take out a whole bunch people if we want it will most people did not die in this crash now this actually becomes again the red remember my dream was saying disclosure top headlines this becomes the most popular story on Huffington Post on July the eighth which is still rightwith a six-week window I was given the Roswell crash the anniversary the Roswell crash sixty-six years ago today so this is showing people ready for the truth they're starting to ask the questions that need to be asked what do we know about when did we know it then within that same little window of time the rabbit hole gets even deeper we find out that Osama is ordering the federal employees to spy on each other to wash lifestyles attitudes and behaviors aren't working hours unexplained traveling monitor their stress their divorces the financial problems track their activities online and if they don't report what they see the face penalties in criminal charges so this is you see how deep this is going then another an essay slide comes out where we find out after the media.


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